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A community of like-minded sisters who are committed to a happier, healthier and more successful life together!


Our yearly holistic wellness retreats are meant to help you disconnect from your daily life, reconnect with yourself and meet like-minded sisters. Our activities include yoga & meditation sessions, introspective workshops to help you unlearn bad habits and create new ones. As a paying member, you can enjoy a special discount.


In order to help you grow, we are collaborating with a group of amazing WOC experts to give you tools to create a more balanced, happier and healthier life. As a paying memberyou get access to these weekly & monthly wellness resources for free.


We want to get to know you and encourage collaborations and long-lasting friendships. During our events and meetups, we want to create a safe space for you to share with us without judgment and meet like-minded women in your community. As a paying member, you get a special discount to join our events

WOC Brands

We want to support sisters in their business and that is why we are focused on bringing you various products and services that are made with love, care, and respect. As a paying member, you get access to discounts and special giveaways and gifts.  

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