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A Unanimous 'NO!' to Fibroids from Black Women.

I once heard a doctor say, "it's just the normal response from an inactive uterus, that knows nothing other than to make babies". In other words your uterus begins to create a clump of noncancerous cells because its bored… basically. It needs something to do while you're out all day making a living and securing that bag. If you're going to put kids on hold for this long, she's gonna do her and cook something else in the oven - causing women even more distress at the end of the month and in some cases a higher chance infertility when we are finally ready. We're done with fibroids

photo by @whitneymadueke

All jokes aside, it's truly close to our hearts to find and share natural solutions to health problems. It's sad that as black women we may run more risk of developing and labouring the reproductive health effects of fibroids.

This is a little excerpt I read on Black Women's Health Imperative. Read the entire article here 

"Relative to white women, black women are 2-3 times more likely to have fibroids, to develop them at younger ages, to have bigger fibroids, to have more fibroids, and to have more symptoms. The rate of hospitalization for fibroids is three times higher for black women than white women. The reasons for the increased risk of fibroids in black women are not well understood, although researchers continue to search for answers. Some data suggest that low Vitamin D levels can increase the likelihood of developing fibroids; African-Americans have lower levels of Vitamin D which may contribute to their higher risk"

(Blount, 2019)

Now, I'm not one to be thrown by statistics by even the most credible of sources. But I am someone who resonates with real lives and real stories. And it happens that a significant number of black women I know suffer from fibroids. And this ladies story who I'm about to share with you, particularly resonated with me. 

photo by @annebarlinckhoff

A 45 year old, Millie Ashkar was dealing with severe cramps and heavy bleeding. She was scheduled to have a partial hysterectomy a few years ago. This was after being given the all clear at her annual check up 3 months prior. 

However she heard from her pastor that pawpaw leaves blended with water, then sieved, would improve her condition. He suggested she try ¾ of a mug full followed by hot water for a month. After going through the process she was shocked to find out at her next check up with her gynecologist that she only had 2 little fibroids measuring 3 and 4mm each

The cramps stopped to the point where she had no pain whatsoever during her period. She claims she has never looked back, and though she doesn't drink the juice as often as she did, it still helps clear acne, hair growth, is rich in iron (the heavy bleeding made her anaemic) and does much more for her health that she ever expected.

Disclaimer! We are not doctors or medical advisors and this information is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. We are simply sharing some food for thought.

Aside from the paw paw leaf juice, there are numerous other natural remedies that can help. Millie suggests baobab, and I've heard about ashwaghandha several times. I'll save that for another post. But for a last tip. I've come to realise that catching some sunshine is significantly good for your overall wellness including reproductive health. So, get outside more, even with fall approaching sneakingly you’ll still get numerous benefits from the sun. 

photo by @whitneymadueke

If you want to find out more about the benefits of certain foods or lifestyle practices and how you can help deal with ailments such as fibroids holistically sign up to our #makeyourlast100dayscount challenge! We will have nutritionists, fitness coaches and other experts to help us reach our body mind and soul goals together as a community - with the ultimate goal of making the best out of the last 100 days of 2019!

It's starting on the 23rd of September so make sure you sign up if you haven’t already, and then you can join the facebook group where you can meet all the other amazing ladies joining us on this.

Are you currently or have you ever suffered from fibroids? Are you surrounded by paw paw trees where you live? Share with us, we love hearing your stories.

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