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Eat your way to a healthier, lighter you!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The summer is just around the corner and like many out there, we are looking for ways to prepare for that beach body without having to try yet another crazy diet that leaves us feeling hangry (hungry + angry) instead of healthy.

Lose weight without starving

What if I told you that there is a way to lose weight, feel better in your body ànd mind without having to deprive yourself from all the food that you enjoy. Your first thought would probably be "okay, what dream is she trying to sell me now?" It's true that most proven ways to achieve weight-loss require you to make drastic changes in your diet which in result makes it hard to adopt over a long-term period causing you to fall back into old habits rather quickly.

To eat or not to eat?

Whilst doing our research, we came across Intermittent fasting. Unlike the many diets out there, it does not tell you what to eat or not to eat, but rather when you should eat. When you’re eating around the clock, your body uses the food that you’re consuming as the primary source of energy. However when you’re fasting, you’re actually allowing your body to burn stored fat and use this as a source of energy. Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears? It sure does to me. It helps you lose weight and provides many more benefits that we’ll name later on. Gain control over your food instead of living in a fed state around the clock and letting what you eat control you.

Just eat!

Turns out we have an expert on this subject amongst the badass women in our Facebook group - Shetribe. A platform where we share information about holistic wellness, topics that concern us as black women and a place where you can feel free to share your thoughts about these topics with us.

Rachel one of our members, is from Botswana and lives in Gaborone, the capital city. She worked in the banking sector for 15 years before starting her own company ‘Achievement Enterprises’, a management training and business consultancy. She is touring around in South-Africa to promote her new book ‘Just Eat’ which is the perfect guide to start adopting the new lifestyle of intermittent fasting to make you feel the best you have ever felt.

Food for comfort

Rachel like many was struggling with obesity for years and had turned to food for comfort. Her parents died when she was a teenager and that made her turn to food even more. She had tried many diets but was now tired of the yo-yo effect it had on her weight. An associate from her previous calories counting support group is the one that first told her about this lifestyle. After reading and researching everything she could on the subject, she decided to give it a try to see if this was really as good as the research claimed.

The year of no return

On the first of April 2017 she started this journey and has never looked back since.

Amongst the many success she experienced since the start of this lifestyle were:

  • Sustainable weight loss; She went from size 16/18 (42/44) to size 10/12 ( 34/36)

  • She reversed her type 2 pre diabetic conditions

  • She experienced improved mental clarity, strength and concentration

  • It enhanced her physical fitness and strength

  • Her body inflammations have been cured

  • Her blood pressure has normalized

  • She found out that she is not insulin resistant

  • She found out that food does not have control over her as she does not obsess over food anymore.

Being the very first person to write about her personal experience with intermittent fasting in Africa, she feels a responsibility to educate others on the subject. She coaches women from all over the world who in turn share their journey and empower one another on social media.

Join our conversation!

There is so much more we would like to share about Rachel and the intermittent fasting lifestyle so we have decided to host a live Q&A with Rachel on our Instagram page. Make sure you send your questions ahead and check our page for details on when we’ll be going live!

Have you ever tried this method? Has it worked for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to share with your friends.

If you like Rachel, want to share your personal journey with us about health habits or any holistic practices that have changed your life, feel free to reach out to us by mail at info@shetribeconnect.com, we would love to hear about it!

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*If you would like to join in our engagement discussions, we would be happy to have you as a part of our Shetribe. You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram @Shetribeconnect.

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