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Are you looking for a tribe of like-minded women who want to  grow personally and professionally? 

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 Hey gorgeous! Welcome! 


My name is Rosemary but my friends call me Rose (consider yourself my friend from now on😊). I am super excited to have you here and can't wait to support you on your journey no matter where you are. 

I know how lonely it can be as an ambitious woman sometimes and especially as a black woman to navigate this world. This is the reason why I have made it my life's work to support you as much as I can and cheer you on as you reach for the stars and beyond.

I can't wait to get to know you better!



How can we support you?

Healthy Woman

Be healthy

We know how hard it is to commit to a healthy lifestyle. That is why we want to make it easier for you by sharing great nutrition, workout, and ways that you can take care of your health in general.

Happy Meditator

Be happy

Self-care, self-love may sound like a buzz word but it's so important yet many don't practice this. We want to help you reduce stress, become more confident and more intentional so that you feel happier without feeling overwhelmed.

Working from Home

Be successfull

What does it mean to you to be successful? Is it financial security? Career growth, start your own business? We want to give you the tools that will help you shatter the glass ceilings, be more impactful, and live your dreams

This is for you if...

  • You are an ambitious woman with big dreams and a desire to share your passion and skills with the world.

  • You want to grow professionally as well as personally.

  • You want to be surrounded by #BlackGirlMagic who will hold you accountable and cheer you on as you are working towards building your best self.

  • You want to connect with sisters from all over the world to form new friendships and build a strong network.

  • You yearn for a place to go to for your questions about lifestyle, business, and everything in between.

  • You want to get feedback from women who are on the same path and who understand your struggle.

Best Friends
Image by Clarissa Carbungco

It's probably not for you you if...

  • You are not willing to get out of your comfort zone.

  • You are not interested in personal growth and development.

  • You don't want to connect with like-minded sisters and build a friendship and a strong network.​

  • You don't mind being stuck and having to figure out things on your own.

  • You don't like to be held accountable and cheered on.

What can you expect?


Our yearly holistic wellness retreats are meant to help you disconnect from your daily life, reconnect with yourself and meet like-minded sisters. Our activities include yoga & meditation sessions, introspective workshops to help you unlearn bad habits and create new ones. As a annual member, you can enjoy a special discount.


In order to help you grow, we are collaborating with a group of amazing WOC experts to give you tools to create a more successful, happier and healthier life. As a member, you get access to these perfectly created resources for free. 


We want to get to know you and encourage collaborations and long-lasting friendships. During our events, we want to create a safe space for you to share with us without judgment and meet like-minded women in your community. As a member, you get a special discount to join our events


We want to support you as you grow personally and professionally. That is why each month we host monthly group coaching calls to help you set your intentions, get unstuck, and ask for feedback from our coaches and the other sisters.   

Ready to start?

Let's do this!

Yearly Membership

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Instant access to our exclusive community.

Access to our monthly masterclasses by WOC experts.

Invitation to our exclusive Shetribe & partner events.


Special member benefits and discounts on partner brands.


Access to our weekly co-working sessions.

Access to our monthly group networking calls.

10% Discount on *Shetribe Wellness Retreats & events.

 *Bonus Free productivity guide.

 *Bonus Free digital planner.

 *Bonus Free Self Love Journal.


Monthly  Membership

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Instant access to our growing community.

Access to our monthly masterclasses by WOC experts.

Invitation to our exclusive Shetribe & partner events.


Special member benefits and discounts from WOC brands.


Access to our weekly co-working sessions.


Access to our monthly group networking calls.


You will get access to a ton of videos such as our masterclasses, our challenges, Q&A's with our experts, and our monthly calls once you join!

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 What our members say 

Joining Shetribe, was the best decision I ever made! Rose is an amazing coach. She supports you every way she can. Business wise but also personally. She is very wise, genuine, patient and gives advice on how you can grow your business. She taught me things that I would never think of by myself.

And also if you don't match your words with your actions she will definitely tell you about it sis! I am happy that I joined Shetribe and got to know Rose. Because to me she is more than a coach, she is also my sister ❤

Aretha, Beautician based in The Netherlands

I decided to work with Rose because I was looking for someone to help me in my personal growth journey as well as in my professional one. I love her peaceful, yet dedicated, grounded and confident aura. I love that we share similar values such as the importance of giving back to the community.

The biggest takeaway from working with her is finally taking the actions that I need to get closer to my goals. I have learned not to complicate things and just start. Working with Rose has given me so much confidence in my abilities thanks to her encouragement and motivation.

Even though the financial part can be challenging for some, I promise you it is worth the investment!

Brenda, Clinical Therapist based in Belgium


Having participated in the Sankofa group program was a real blessing for me. Not only did I meet inspiring, kind and talented women, but also I was able to find myself, rediscover myself.

Thanks to Rose's coaching and her simplicity,  empathy and understanding, she was able to help me see things about myself that I could not see on my own.

What I remember most from this coaching is that I must not forget myself. I must be a priority in my life.


I am so grateful for this and I look forward to continuing to work with her and meet more likeminded women in the community.

Carisa, Beauty & Wellness Entrepreneur based in Luxembourg

The FAQ's

Is this suitable for me if I don't have a business?

Absolutely! This is in the first place a safe space to come together to learn from each other, to grow together personally and professionally. If you want to venture into entrepreneurship sometime in the future, we got you too. During our monthly calls, you can ask questions and get feedback from the community.

What payment plans are available?

We offer a monthly membership. However, for those that wish to save some money by paying upfront for the whole year, we offer a discount and special bonuses.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time. Just inform us at least 5 days prior to your next billing date to make sure you're not charged for that next billing period.

What if I can't make it to the group calls?

No worries! Our calls are recorded and shared within the next 48H max by email and uploaded into the member's dashboard. That is also the case for our monthly masterclasses and live Q&A's.

What if I need more support?

We got you! We offer group coaching programs that are open a few times a year for enrollment and next to that we also offer 1 on 1 coaching which is personalized to your needs. Feel free to email us at infor@shetribeconnect.com or book a call with Rosemary if you would like to receive more information about the various coaching options.

Ready to start?

Let's do this!

Yearly Membership