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2019 the year of "filling my own cup"

Why is it that we feel that it is selfish to take care of ourselves? It seems that for some reason, women more often than men, tend to feel guilty and ashamed of wanting and needing some "me-time". I have learned the hard way, that this is not a luxury but a necessity.

One of my favourite quotes out there is from Lyanly Vanzant, which says: "What's in the cup is for you and what overflows is for others". With these wise words, I finally understood that if your cup is not full, you will end up frustrated, bitter and full of resentment towards your loved ones. Think about it this way; taking care of one’s self is the foundation to taking care of others, and in that regard you’re not even taking care of those around you well enough if you haven't first taken care of yourself. In order to give the best of yourself, and others, and to truely show up as your authentic self, you have no choice but to make sure you cup is full.

If you are just like me and you would like to practice some self love but you lack time, here are 3 quick and fun things you can do regularly to refill your cup and ensure that it's not running on an empty cup.

1. Gift yourself the first 10-15mins of each day

Wake up a bit earlier to spend time with yourself. Have quick stretch, take a longer shower, take a few moments to journal while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. Something that truly resonates with your personal interests, and makes your body feel refreshed. Then, you’re fully prepped to go out into the world and be the badass that you are.

2. Take a "Day Off " for you

Wake up at the same time you would if you were working, go the the gym, have a delicious and nutritious breakfast somewhere and spend the day doing something fun for you. Treating yourself is nothing to be guilt tripped over, but rather something you deserve.

3. Nourish your mind and soul

Take some time to learn something new, start reading more, listen to a new podcast, sign up for a creative workshop like floral arrangements, pottery or a dance class. This is a great opportunity to break out of our life’s mundane routine and learn something new about yourself. It could spark a new passion within you, provide you with a new outlook, or completely change your perspective on something you’re currently involved in. Never dismiss an opportunity to learn about, discover and improve yourself.   

Don't wait till you are having a burnout or a breakdown to start giving yourself the love that you deserve and need. Use these fun and quick tips to practice self love regularly!

This will be our main focus during the self-discovery retreat in Ghana next month. Offering a tranquil environment to focus on yourself, explore yourself and love on self.

Looking forward to hear about the things that you do to refill your cup. Let us know in the comments and our Facebook and Instagram pages at @shetribeconnect, using the hashtag #fillingmycup2019.

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Definitely agree with the 'take a day off'. Helps to slow down and 'breath'

Nice read !

Me gusta
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